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Buddy Rich playing an excellent “Old School” Drum Solo!

Are you a new drummer, just learning how to play drums? Are you looking for a beginner drum set you or your kid?

There are a couple of things to consider when buying a beginner drum set.

Buying a Beginner Drum Set

If your kid wants to learn how to play the drums, then you obviously understand that purchasing a drum set, new or used, can be very complicated. Should you buy the best drum set? Or maybe the cheapest, just in case your kid doesn’t get into it? Maybe after a few lessons they decide they want to play the saxophone or piano? Now what?


In most cases, it really doesn’t matter, because you will be able to sell a new or used drum set pretty easy, but let me caution you on one thing. As with shoes, the cheapest isn’t always the cheapest, right? Sometimes the cheapest will cause more problems and be more expensive in the long run.

Most manufactures will market their beginner sets as “junior” or “beginner” ┬ádrum sets. These types of drum sets will not last as long as a professional ones, or sound like those top notch drumlines, but the quality of them are getting better and better each year. It used to be that these beginner sets didn’t even sound like real drums, but that is changing. If you want a better sounding set, I would go with a mid-level drum set. It will be more durable and will sound much better. Most top brands today have mid-level sets to choose from like, DW, Yamaha, Pearl, Gretch, Ludwig, and Mapex. You cannot go wrong with these brands due to their good construction and durability.


drum set

For beginners, you will need 3 cymbals, which are the crash, hi-hat, and ride. You could buy more, but this is a really good starting point. You can always buy additional cymbals later when they get better at playing and NEED more. You won’t have to worry about drum heads or stands with these drum sets because most of the kits out there will come with standard heads and stands and, for now, these will be just fine. As they start to get better and start making quality drum beats, then you can upgrade, but again for now these are great.

Now, most drum kits do not come with chairs or what we call “thrones”, so make sure you buy a throne that is comfortable and reliable. As a drummer, I can tell you the type of throne you buy will make a big difference. When you are starting out you will be sitting on this throne for long periods of time, so make sure it’s comfortable. Some have backs and some do not, it will just depend on how much you want to spend. You have to remember that the body moves a lot when drumming. This is why it is important to purchase a throne or a drumming chair that is sturdy and well-balanced. Even if you decide to buy a cheaper drum set, I would purchase a quality drum throne.

These are the things that you need to know when buying a drum set for beginning drummers. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money at first. My advice is to go with a smaller set that is quality, so you can add on different quality components as you go. Good sound quality with good construction and equipment and, (don’t forget!) a very comfortable throne!

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